Why buy from Omega???

Omega takes the long hassle out of car buying! After you find the perfect car, the entire car buying process takes just 30 minutes! 

Omega is not in the business to up-sell you, offer products/warrenties you don’t need or add on ‘administrative fees’ like so many other dealerships.

$$$$ Financing $$$$

Omega is also not in the banking business. We specialize in cars and selling them. Therefore, we do not offer ‘buy here/pay here’ or other financing. You arrange your own financing through the bank of your choice.

Why one of Omega’s cars???

Omega’s cars are inspected by our highly qualified mechanics and have passed our 50 point checklist. No cars make it on our lot that have expensive hidden problems or are on their last leg (or wheel in this case).

Current Inventory 

Our most current inventory of vehicles is posted on our FaceBook page.

If you see a vehicle you are interested in please come in for a test drive ASAP. Due to the small inventory and great prices most vehicles won’t be available long.

If you’d like to see a car on a Saturday, please call Dave and arrange an appointment during the week.