Engine Repair

Repairing / Replacing Water Pumps, Intake Gaskets, Radiators, Valve Cover Gaskets, Plugs / Wires, and more.

Electrical Repair

Service and Repair of Wiring, Connectors, Sensors, Alternators, Starters, Wipers, Power Locks, Power Windows, Lamps, Power Sunroof, Computer Control Modules, Fans, Blower Motors, Power Mirrors, &More

Steering & Suspension Services

Servicing Shocks, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Control Arms, Springs, Steering Racks, Gearboxes, Pitman Arms, Idler Arms, Axle Shafts, Struts, and much more.

Brake Service

Repair and Service of Brake Rotors, Master Cylinders, Calipers, Drums, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Lines, ABS Units, and Pads / Shoes.

Air Conditioning

Service and Repair of A/C system components. Including, Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser, Pressure Lines, Expansion Valves, Orifice Tubes and more.

Auto Diagnostic

Diagnosing the problem(s) with your car in timely manner using up to date scan equipment and diagnostic information from national databases.

Oil Changes 

Oil Changes using the specific oil for your car. Providing Basic and Full Service Oil Change options for your vehicle.